Bad Beginnings
October 25th, 2014 by jacobiwan

There were three Baudelaires Sunny Klaus and Violet. One day at Briny beach in the mist there was something moving to them they saw it was Mr Poe who often came to there house for dinner he said to them your parents have died. There was a terrible fire and killed them. So the Baudelaires lived with Mr Poe. One day after dinner Mr Poe said you will live with Count Olaf they came to a nice house there was a woman named Justice Strauss. They asked your Count Olaf and she said no he’s my neighbor they went to count Olaf who was an evil man the Baudelaires had to do all the chores . one day count Olaf locked sunny into a little cage. Violet tried to save her with a rescuing device but got trapped to. There was a show and if violet said I do she would marry count Olaf. She said I do. But she did not marry him count olaf escaped . The baudalaire orphans lived with Mr Poe again because count Olaf was an evil man.

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