Things I am going to do with the twins
Nov 26th, 2014 by jacobiwan

Feed them, take them for walks,burp them,share with them,play with them,teach them, love them,sleep with them,read to them,snuggle up with them.

The Wide Window
Nov 9th, 2014 by jacobiwan

The Baudelaire orphans where going to live with Aunt Josephine. She was a very bad guardian . She did not use telephones, only in emergencies. She never made hot foods. She was scared. One day when they were having breakfast they were looking at pictures. They were having cold cucumber soup. They had that every day, sometimes with bread. She left a note. Klaus said this is not a  note this is a message saying she went to curdled cave. They went to curdled cave . They argued with her to go back to town. Finally they went being eaten by leeches. They got saved by you know who ‘Count Olaf . Count Olaf escaped once again.

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