Swim class – June 30
Jun 30th, 2012 by jacobiwan

June 29
Jun 29th, 2012 by jacobiwan

June 28
Jun 28th, 2012 by jacobiwan

June 27
Jun 27th, 2012 by jacobiwan

Today we ran a Calvert 1st grade assessment test. Overall he got a B. Then there was the Kindergarten readiness checklist. I feel that he would be nearly ready for entering 1st grade curriculum.

June 26
Jun 26th, 2012 by jacobiwan

┬áHe wrote the alphabet in order with no cues or help. Then practiced shapes. Then number writing practice. There’s no bell curve here. A’s are assignments with no mistakes. B’s are those just short of an A. C’s were a good effort.

June 25
Jun 25th, 2012 by jacobiwan

This was the first day of our new classroom. We ran the vocabulary test which we hadn’t done in about 6 months. He scored a value equivalent to a 5.5 year old.

Swimming – June 22
Jun 22nd, 2012 by jacobiwan

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